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Web Design

MaxSoli are experts in providing web design services of an exceptional standard for companies, businesses and privately operating individuals working in IT for their own purposes. Whatever your needs, we are able to cater to you; a huge corporation or a small and selective business possibly just starting up. You will have a range of choices for your website, so you need not worry that any of the personality of your company is lost in translation. In addition, we offer fantastic package deals at great value to established companies. Through establishing trust and understanding, MaxSoli are thoroughly dedicated to our customer service. As part of our service, we can even provide ecommerce websites, custom graphics, custom php programming services, content management solutions, credit card processing, and domain names and hosting – amongst others.


At MaxSoli, we start from the foundations of web development and work upwards to ensure that the most basic elements are not skipped as we move up to advanced methods of IT communication. We work by collaborating and consorting with our clients with every change and addition to the company website design process. Furthermore, we will discuss all aspects of the development and design, from graphics to technology and will work in close contact with our clients to determine the best web development tools and features for their style, audience and practical needs. Rest assured that we have a wealth of experience in the need for sensitivity to our clients’ overall business strategy; as a result, we allow your business objectives and campaign goals to drive technological website development planning, rather than the other way around.


Our websites start from 'blank canvas' or clean slate to ensure your website is as unique as it needs to be, crafted just how you want. Our superb after sales service is guaranteed to appeal to you and your site is always able to be altered or tweaked post-completion. MaxSoli will make any minor changes for free months after completing your website; we are that dedicated to our customers and customer service.


Our website design expertise?


We specialize in standard industry technologies and all leading open source technologies such as Magneto, Joomla, WordPress and Drupal. Being experts in these technologies allow us to develop our clients websites supported by all necessary plugins. All websites developed by us provide very powerful solutions to our clients unique needs. Using these technologies allow our clients to easily make minor amendments e.g add new page add new picture etc without any need to consult any web developer.service.




Our simple 5 STEP PROCESS to get the website on-air !