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VOIP Telephony

VoIP Solutions permit the transferring of voice using information packets over a network. Businesses all over the UK are adopting this new know-how to make low cost telephony feasible for both local and International calls.


You can now manage customers and costs more effectively with a VOIP telephone system.


With impartial advice, tailored for your business Maxsoli helps Businesses to find the right phone system.


Reliable Support from highly qualified systems engineers

Choice of market leading telephone systems

Training available so that you get the most from your system




Reasons for Choosing VOIP Telephony system


Save a lot of money

Studies show that Business users can save up to 40% on local calls and more than 90% on international calls in the UK by using VOIP telephony.


More than two persons

On traditional phone lines only two persons can speak at a time but with VOIP a whole team can setup conference and can communicate in real time


Cheap user hardware and software

Compared to traditional ISP setup the cost of VOIP setup is a lot more reasonable in price.



Abundant, Interesting and Useful Features

Businesses using VOIP benefit from its abundant features which are rich and sophisticated, both personally and for their business.


Flexible network layout

The network complexity inherent in PSTN connections is eliminated when VOIP is being used.