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Network Services and Support

For any business to achieve maximum investment, it is important for them to have a network infrastructure that is good value for money, dynamic and flexible in meeting all the future requirements. In order to fulfill these demands, our team of exceptional architectural designers will assist you by employing tools and procedures that have been established by years of experience and excellent technical expertises. MaxSoli gives our clients’ freedom and complete control over the optimal network performance through every step of the networking lifecycle, from development ages to latest services and continuous progression.

Our consultants also audit your network infrastructure and provide suggestions regarding update requirements, security risks and where bottlenecks are present or will be present in future.

Some customers may be interested in using the most up-to-date technologies for example, Voice Over IP or Multimedia conferencing. Yet many legacy networks are not able to support such rich media. Our network consultancy service can support you to choose these new hardware if required, suitable Quality of Service implementation in addition to all the essential steps needed to cover your data and infrastructure in a single network.

Following the completion of the network design stage, taking steps to install the hardware with cabling will begin, as specified by the customer. Our experienced team of skilled individuals will then install the network beyond customers’ expectations. The components we use are bought from the most trustworthy brands ensuring complete peace of mind for our customers.