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Data Backup

Your business data which resides on your computer and server infrastructure is your most valuable asset and most of the SME companies move their data to secure offsite storage because if the data is not secure and is lost by fire, virus, theft, power cut or technical malfunction then it can be disastrous.


70% of Businesses That Suffer A Major Data Loss Are Out Of Business Within 18 Months Source: DTI


We at Maxsoli believe that losing even a couple of days data can be devastating to any business and can cost hundreds or even thousands of pounds!


Maxsoli Limited offers its clients the ease and assurance of different secure and cost effective backup solutions. Our solutions assure that our clients no longer have to invest anymore in expensive backup software, tapes or time to make and check their (daily) backup.


Maxsoli’s certified specialists make sure that the solution offered is reliable, secure and performs at its peak. Please do contact us to discuss your data backup and disaster recovery needs in detail so that our data backup specialists can advice you on best possible solution.