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About Us

NetVirtual is a UK based company with our head office in Leeds, we are offering an IT package to suit every business needs. With years of experience and an abundance of expertise in Information Technology, we are able to provide complete IT solution packages to small and medium sized businesses all over the UK. 

The services we offer our clients include:

  • Web Site Design & Development
  • Software Development
  • Computer Network Design, Installation, Maintenance, Management, Security and Support Services
  • IP Surveillance Systems
  • VOIP Telephony
  • Management Services
  • IT Solutions

 NetVirtual removes the need for an IT department altogether by offering you a full and complete package. Typically IT solution companies will specify in one of two of the services we offer but stop there, they are unable to provide complete packages and so businesses are left dealing with a number of different companies (which can be exhausting and confusing). At NetVirtual, however, we have placed a great deal of time and effort into putting together a collaborative and innovative team of experts in all of these fields, giving our clients peace of mind that everything can be taken care of under one roof and taking out the hassle of finding different businesses to deal with your company needs. Please see below for more information on our fantastic services and our diverse expert team of staff.


Information Technology has become absolutely essential in business today, and in order to succeed in the market place companies are spending thousands on integrating the most technologically advanced systems into their existing businesses – those companies failing to do so are falling behind their competitors in their specific industry and the businesses themselves are struggling to retain custom and suppliers let alone expand in the market place. Moving from the traditional paper based system we used to have of maintaining accounts, keeping address books etc, is an extremely big project for any company to take on, NetVirtual understand the pressures of this and can ease the transition by doing everything for you, from designing and building software, to integrating this software into the system and also providing a high quality after care. Furthermore we appreciate that whist it is highest priority to have the best IT systems in place, not all companies have millions to spend each year, we therefore offer an abundance of services at very competitive rate’s.